What Do You Stand For? A Day with Chic Bridesmaid

What Do You Stand For? A Day with Chic Bridesmaid

StorkStand Interviews Chic Bridesmaid at WeWork

StorkStand designs and manufactures the first innovative and affordable standing desks for startups. We are proud to partner with startup leaders who stand for positive change within our community. Our team spent the day with Chic Bridesmaid, an innovative fashion company committed to sustainability and conscious consumption.  We were excited to chat with the company’s founder, Amy Schofield, and dive into the more personal side of being a trend-setting leader of two thriving ventures, while exploring the question, What Do You Stand For?


What does it mean to be healthy?

“To be healthy means to be connected. As an entrepreneur, your brain is always working. It’s important to be aware of what else is in your environment that can help you. To be open to what’s happening around you. You can’t be healthy when you’re closed.”

When do you think of your best ideas?

“I think of my best ideas when I allow myself to relax - relax enough to feel fully connected to my environment.  These days, I don’t have as many opportunities to feel connected.  The longer I do this, the more important this time becomes.  Not just down time, but off time.”  

StorkStand asks Chic Bridesmaid, What Do You Stand For?


What do you stand for?

“We stand for building communities.  For bringing people together through an event, a celebration.  We build communities around a shared experience.  It is from here that real and meaningful relationships can grow.”

What’s your best advice to fellow startup founders?

“Realize what you can do, what you can do well, and what you need help with. Put your energy into what you do really well and outsource the rest. Build a community of peers and use that community. They’re your knowledge source. Don’t do it on your own.”


Chic Bridesmaid marries technology with high-quality fashion, offering a unique online shopping and collaboration platform for soon-to-be brides and bridesmaids.  Learn more at