What Do You Stand For? Cyant Stands with StorkStand Standing Desks

What Do You Stand For? A Day With Cyant


Cyant Stands with StorkStand

StorkStand designs and manufactures the first innovative and affordable standing desk for startups. We are proud to partner with startup leaders who stand for positive change within our community. Our team spent the day with Cyant, an innovative 3D printing team based out of WeWork that is committed to bridging the gap between art and technology for youth across the globe. We were excited to catch some time with the company’s founder, Barbara Hanna, to explore what it really means to empower youth at the intersection of art and technology.


What inspired you to follow your passion?

“I have a technical background. So when I started, I was representing one woman. A woman in tech. But I knew that if I was able create the connection between art and technology, I would be able to establish opportunities for both men and women, young and old. Art has no boundaries, it does not discriminate by age or gender. People of all backgrounds and ages are all of a sudden a part of the conversation. I knew that this was where we could learn so much.”

Who does Cyant help?

“3D printing is truly changing the way we think about making things. This is the very technology that our youth will explore and grow up with. We need to take responsibility for how we encourage kids to use these new technologies. If we don’t teach them early on how to take a responsible and sustainable approach, this technology simply won’t reach it’s potential as a truly useful asset. It’s up to us to lay the foundation, the mindset, for our children. We’ve realized that this establishes opportunities beyond youth and students - soon we will test the Cyant model as a team-building tool for companies and professionals. Art may be used as a bonding and collaborative tool, even within the competitive professional world.”



What do you stand for?

“The human mind works best when stimulated in more than one dimension.  Cyant stays true to that belief and aims to connect art and technology to foster learning, creativity, and engagement.  Simply put, we stand for empowered learning.”


What’s your best advice to fellow startup founders?

“Most will tell you to speed up. But it takes time to know your customers. It takes time to understand your place in the market. There’s no formula and every entrepreneur and every new business is different. So don’t get obsessed with accelerating too quickly. Take your time. Own the process.” 


Why did you choose WeWork?

“As a solo founder, WeWork has been crucial for me. It has been a support structure, a sounding board, a like-minded community of entrepreneurs. WeWork provided a designated work space completely separate from my home. Once I moved into WeWork, I was finally able to treat my passion like a job.”


Cyant defines the intersection of technology and art, offering a unique platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and engagement.  Learn more at Cyant.co.




Mike Goldberg
Mike Goldberg