What Do You Stand For? A Day With LabCreatrix

What Do You Stand For? A Day With LabCreatrix

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StorkStand designs and manufactures the first innovative and affordable standing desk for CEOs and startups. We are proud to partner with startup leaders who stand for positive change within our community. Our team spent the day with LabCreatrix, an inspiring talent agency based out of WeWork that is taking a holistic approach to connecting marketing and creative talent with the right companies. We were excited to catch some time with one of the company’s founding members, Jenn Margolin, to explore what it really means to build truly strong communities the old-fashioned way with refreshing energy.


How is LabCreatrix different?

"We are inspired by people - by meeting, exploring, and understanding people.  The magic happens when we can make the right connection at the right time.  We have a pipeline of incredible talent, so we never start from scratch. These relationships are ongoing and built over time - we understand that talents' skills and goals evolve.  We invest in understanding our clients' needs before introducing them to great talent.  Ultimately, we never want to throw a lot of candidates at an employer to simply to see what sticks.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our talent and the success of our placements."

How do you stay healthy?

"Everyday, I check in with myself to make sure that I am making the right decision in the moment.  It may not be the best solution three weeks from now.  But in this very moment, I can always commit to the best decision.  That process keeps me grounded and my stress levels down - I can always rely on what is true and right for our clients and our company at this time. 
As well, we practice meditation as a team.  And we are grateful to be able to include our WeWork community in our meditation.  It is empowering to have a community behind you that shares similar values and daily tools.  And we share what we've learned through an email newsletter that we send out to our LabCreatrix community members as well."  


When do you think of your best ideas?

"My most valuable ideas often come in the quiet moments, usually towards the end of the day.  When I was a chef, I found creativity in reading a recipe or tasting something new, something exciting. This would inspiring new dishes, new combinations, or pairings.  The process ultimately isn't too different at LabCreatrix.  But rather than a recipe or tasting, I find inspiration in conversations and interaction.  Whether it be with my coworkers or my clients, I have learned to become a sponge, absorbing as much information as possible and then allowing the time needed to thoroughly process that information.  I have to deeply understand the problem and context before I can come to an out-of-the-box solution."


What Do You Stand For LabCreatrix


What do you stand for?

"We stand for building communities in-person.  Today, we are all connected digitally.  Whether it be by email, phone or social media.  We are all just a click away.  But how do you truly understand a person's goals, their strengths and weaknesses, their vision, over the internet?  In corporate recruiting, it is so important to that we make this process personal.  We are only doing our job if both the client and the talent are happy in the long-term.  We are proud to be community builders."


What’s your best advice to fellow startup founders?

"Find a team of people who you would actually want to live with.  We look at the people we work with as our family members.  It is a truly great feeling to know you are cared about when you walk into your office.  As a family, you may scream and throw dishes. But at the end of the day, the only thing left is respect and love for your family members and a strengthened bond.  ”  


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