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We are proud to stand with thousands of StorkStand users across the world. 
Here are some of our fellow startup founders from 500 Startups.


"Really love this product guys, kudos to your team. Game changer while we're all working from home. Stoked I found this!"

- James from Maryland


"Lifesaver - Perfect for WFH."
- Sarah W. from New York


"Use it mostly as a podium for meetings. Great purchase so far!"
- Blake from Chicago


"I wanted to try standing at work and this was a good place to start.  I stand about an hour or two when i get into the office.  It was definitely different at first  but I really think I have more energy at the end of the day.  Now a group of us have Storkstands in the office."
- Robert F. from California


"I take it wherever I go - to the office, home, work trips. I have a standing and lap desk literally anywhere.
Lauren - CEO, Founder - The Flex Company



 StorkStand is Doctor Approved

Dr. Paul Walton, D.C.


“The benefits of moving throughout your workday and staying upright when possible, are undeniable at this point.  StorkStand is the most convenient and functional standing desk I've tried.  I highly recommend StorkStand to anyone looking for an easy way to improve their workspace. ”

Dr. Sharif Palmer, M.D.

Dr. Sharif Palmer, M.D.


“StorkStand is one of the best tools I have found to help my patients stay productive and healthy.I recommend standing desks to my patients all the time, but most are very expensive. StorkStand is an ingenious idea…it’s affordable, portable and easy to use. I cannot recommend it more highly.”

Dr. Gregory J. Gorman D.C.

Dr. Gregory Gorman, D.C.




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