FAQ - StorkStand


Will StorkStand work with my chair?

Our team of engineers and product designers has done its best to ensure that StorkStand is suitable to fit on as many chairs as possible - from ergonomic task chairs to comfy, leather executive chairs. StorkStand fits on over 90% of office chairs, so there is a very good chance that the product will work on your chair. Nonetheless, we want to make sure that StorkStand is a good fit for you..

Follow these simple steps to determine if your chair provides an optimal height for StorkStand's desktop surface:

  1. Stand behind your office chair.
  2. Hold your hands one inch above the very top of your seat back.
  3. If you have a height-adjustable chair, adjust the height of the chair back to the most comfortable height for your hands, imagining you are typing or writing in this position.

If you feel comfortable using a desktop surface in the above position, your chair is likely a great height for StorkStand! Remember, the important part is to make sure your chair back is at a good height for your personal preferences. StorkStand only adds one inch (1") to the overall height of the chair back, so it's important that you have a chair that is at a good height for you from the start.

What office chairs work well with StorkStand?

Here's few of the many chairs that work well with StorkStand.

  • Aeron Chair - Herman Miller
  • Mirra Chair - Herman Miller
  • Eames Aluminum Group (Mid-High Back) - Herman Miller
  • Cradle to Cradle Chairs - Herman Miller
  • Amia Chair - Steelcase
  • Gesture Chair - Steelcase
  • Leap Chair - Steelcase
  • Reply Chair - Steelcase
  • Think Chair - Steelcase
  • ReGeneration Chair - Knoll
  • LexMod Edge Office Chair
  • Alera Elusion Series
  • Flash Furniture High Back Chair
  • Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Chair
  • Flash Furniture Mesh Chair
What office chairs aren't ideal for StorkStand?

Here are several office chairs that aren't ideal due to chair height and/or shape.

  • SAYL Chair - Herman Miller
  • Eames Aluminum Group (low-back) - Herman Miller
  • Generation Chair - Knoll
How sturdy is StorkStand?

Every StorkStand is meticulously designed to securely support your laptop, keyboard and other valuables that you might like to have accessible as you work. Every StorkStand is safe to securely hold up to 50 lbs.

To give you a reference point, a 13-Inch Apple MacBook Pro weighs approximately 4.5 lbs. Heavier laptops may weigh up to 8 lbs, but most are 6 lbs or less. Therefore, a StorkStand can easily support your laptop, cell phone, cup of coffee and anything else you might need for a more productive day at work.

Tyler Theret, National Accounts at Box, says:

"I'm surprised how sturdy it is. I use a nice laptop at work, so stability was an important question the first time I put my computer on my StorkStand. After using a StorkStand for ten seconds, I was convinced."

Our team of experienced engineers and product designers is committed to ensuring that your laptop and valuables are safe with StorkStand.

StorkStand's desktop is large enough to support 13", 15", and 17" laptops

What are the desktop dimensions?

Your StorkStand desktop is 17" wide by 15.5" deep. The desktop easily accommodates 13", 15", and 17" laptop computers and comes equipped with a cell phone charging dock for easy cell phone charging and viewing while the StorkStand is in use.

Does StorkStand accommodate a mouse and keyboard?

Your StorkStand desktop is 17" wide by 15.5" deep. Therefore, StorkStand can easily accommodate a laptop computer and external mouse, simply depending upon the size of your laptop computer. Many of our customers prefer to use their StorkStand with a desktop computer monitor and simply place their external keyboard on the StorkStand's desktop while viewing their desktop monitor on their desk or wall.

Does StorkStand have a phone charging dock?

Yes! The StorkStand phone charging dock comes equipped with an approximate 3.5 inch pocket. The charging dock easily accommodates large cell phones, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. The phone charging dock can also be used to conveniently hold your laptop charging chord, keeping things simple and organized.