Does your back hurt from sitting?  Or maybe you've heard that
"sitting is the new smoking."  Either way, you're not alone.

"Perfect for WFH!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I take it wherever I go - to the office, home, work trips. I have a standing and lapdesk literally anywhere."

– Lauren Schulte - CEO, Flex Company

"The #1 smart choice if you care about your health in the office. The only desk I'll recommend to patients."

– Dr. Sharif Palmer M.D. - New York

Why StorkStand?

Perfectly Portable

Office view or mountain view -
designed to go wherever you go.  

Sit or Stand

Transforms from a lap desk to
a standing desk in seconds.


Makes it easy to move and stay healthy throughout your workday.

Stand for health

StorkStand transforms any chair into a healthy standing desk in seconds. So you can explore your workspace and find new places of inspiration. If you have a chair, you have a standing desk.

StorkStand Lap Desk

A lapdesk too

Standing is healthy. But sitting sure feels good too. StorkStand is the only standing desk that is designed to fully collapse in seconds to transform into a sleek and portable lapdesk.

Work Anywhere

Whether you create in the kitchen, the studio, or on stage, StorkStand is your healthy mobile workstation and podium. Where do you find inspiration?

what is storkstand?

StorkStand instantly transforms your chair into a healthy standing desk. It's also a super sleek lapdesk. So you can sit, stand, and create - wherever inspired.

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Sustainably sourced

All StorkStand products are made with sustainably sourced, FSC Certified and CARB Compliant wood from socially responsible forests.

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Helpful products for healthy people - that's our passion.
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We are a small, but mighty team that believes in healthy tools that have a positive social and environmental impact on our communities and world.  That's why a portion of every purchase goes to a social enterprise that stands for positive change.  
We are proud to stand with you.

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StorkStand LAP + STAND

$ 99.00 $ 149.00

StorkStand  LAP + STAND
StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND StorkStand  LAP + STAND

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StorkStand is the only lapdesk that instantly transforms your office chair into healthy standing desk. 

Sit.  Stand.  Anywhere.  

Standing with StorkStand increases productivity and overall health.  

StorkStand's light-weight and collapsible design is ideal for convenient portability between offices or rooms.  Weighing only 5.6 lbs, StorkStand becomes a portable podium for important group presentations and client meetings. 

Whether you're in the office or on the road, StorkStand empowers you to work healthy, anywhere.  

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